Providing customer-centric solutions

Being in the world of work for several years, you are looking for an insurance that could ensure your foresight in health and places its customers at the heart of its requirements. For this, you can rely on solutions offered by cegedim insurance.

Customers are at the heart of their concerns

Cegedim insurance is a company that provides services that aim to support insurers, institutes or national brokers but also international in the search for the value of health and its foresight. The company has several subsidiaries that work in close collaboration to ensure an entire population. By collaborating with this company, you can not only ensure the recovery of your health but it also offers solutions for the management of your actions using a multi-site plantation. In order to meet the needs of each client, the company can sign individual contracts. This contract is intended to fully cover the risks of disability; disability or death. You will also have the possibility of obtaining daily allowances in case of technical unemployment. In case of illness, this insurance will also allow you to select the right medical treatment you need. It will also ensure the follow-up of your medical expertise.

A specialist group that can insure people

Apart from individual insurance, cegedim insurance solutions can also be of great help because it offers relevant back office for good management of public and private insurance, individual or collective in developing countries. . They analyzed the situation according to the health system of each country and they arrived at finding very effective solutions. The insurance also proposes solutions to promote the health development of each client country, namely multi-models, multi-diets. There is also the multi-portfolio, not to mention the multi-market. Thanks to its high value and prestigious scope, it can suggest other more efficient issues such as good back office management, CRM, the extranet portal, mobility and BI. With this company, you can be sure that you will be the center of their concerns.

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